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    QCA Spas are designed with optimum water filtration in mind.

    Filter media in each QCA Spa is selected to exceed the filtration requirements to maintain clean and clear spa water.

    QCA Spas top-load filter systems allow for easy access to the filter cartridge for cleaning or replacement. Bulky filter canisters can take up precious hot tub space and also force the hot tub owner to drag a dirty filter sideways back through the spa, allowing filtered contaminants to reenter the water. A top-load filter allows for vertical removal of the cartridge filter element and also takes up less space in the spa.

    Easy access, quality filter media and an optimally sized filtration system makes hot tub filter maintenance simple.
    *Spa Breeze™ M-W-F Spa Maintenance Program (pdf download link) is an easy to follow water maintenance system for complete spa water care.

    Many QCA Spas models also feature an integrated tablet dispenser within the filter system for easy water sanitation. You can buy replacement QCA Spa filters online or from your local QCA Spas dealer.

    Filtration cycles are controlled by industry leading Balboa electronics. During a filter cycle, spa jets automatically turn on and water is pumped through the filter media at predetermined times during the day to keep spa water pure and clean.

    QCA Spas properly designs and sizes each spa's filtration system based on decades of research, unlike other spa companies, so you don't end up having to clean or replace 2 or even 3 or more filter cartridges. By assuring the surface area of the filter for each QCA Spas hot tub is sized correctly based on a particular spa's water volume, number of jets, flow rate per jet and other factors, a single cartridge filter keeps replacement costs low and maintenance a breeze.

    Cartridge filter products are not only used in spas but also in much larger pools indicating the suitability of using cartridge filters to keep water clean indoors or outdoors. When sourcing replacement cartridge filters, be sure to order the correct sq.ft. size filter by measuring the actual filter length, diameter and center hole diameter. With these measurements, it is easy to order replacement cartridge filters online or through your authorized QCA Spas dealer. You can also buy QCA Spas accessories, water treatment products and parts online.

    The installation of the filter is as easy as removing the existing filter and installing the new one. The filter should be cleaned regularly and replaced every year or so depending on hot tub use. Removal of the cartridge filter may involve rotating and removing a protective filter cover to access the filtration compartment. Enjoy ultimate relaxation in your QCA Spas portable hot tub!

    Email the QCA Spas support desk with any questions about maintaining your QCA spa.