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Bromine Salt System



    Genesis BLU FUSION technology eliminates the dry skin, pungent chemical smell, and unsightliness of old tablet feeder systems. With BLU FUSION, there is no more hassle, just sparkling clean water.

    This environmentally friendly system generates and releases bromine sanitizer into the spa water automatically. The system eliminates the need to add extra chemicals into the spa water and greatly reduces ongoing water testing, saving you time and money. It is simply one of the most efficient water maintenance systems on the market today.

    In addition to reducing your chemical cost, this system drastically reduces eye irritation. It gives off no odor, and is easy to handle, making it a critical addition to your spa.

    It doesn't get any easier than this. Automatically manages sanitizer level - no more running to the store for tablets or forgetting to add sanitizer. It's easy to maintain your spa and turn your spa into salt water spa! Add the automatic bromine salt system to select QCA Spa models when ordering.

    Note: Cannot be used in combination with an ozonator. For your hot tub sanitizing needs, please select one or the other.