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Hard Covers

    Get an original spa cover
    for any model QCA Spas hot tubs and keep the heat in while keeping debris out!

    QCA Spas offers hard covers that can either ship with your new spa or be ordered as replacement hard covers for QCA Spas and other hot tub brands.

    QCA Spas outfits quality lockable hard covers that perfectly fit your QCA Spa. Popular cover color choices include teak/redwood and coastal gray to match your spa's cabinet.

    Energy Efficient Cover Specifications:

    Marine Grade Vinyl
    Tough and resilient quality marine grade vinyle with 100% polyester backing and mildew treated face and back for a long lasting hard cover.

    Tough Mesh Bottom
    10 ounce strand-coated polyester mesh with a 9×9 weave for superior cover strength.

    Commercial Quality Zipper
    Broken zippers are a thing of the past with our Heavy-Duty 45 nylon zipper and aluminum pulls.

    Locking Buckles
    Acetal locking buckles keep the cover secure while you are away. Keys included.

    Heat-Saving Seals
    High density polyurethane foam moisture seals at the cover folds to prevent heat loss.

    Sturdy, Reinforced Handles
    Triple folded reinforced vinyl backed up with double-stitched seams for a sturdy handle that will stay attached to the cover.

    Triple Strength Straps
    Triple folded reinforced vinyl double-sewn seams.

    Insulating Polystyrene Core
    Our expanded polystyrene has top-rated insulation properties and features a tapered design to allow rainwater and melting ice and snow to run off of the spa cover.

    Durable Reinforced Hinge
    The aluminum channel reinforcement at the cover hinge adds strength and durability for a longer lasting hard cover.

    7 Millimeter Moisture Barrier
    The 7 mil thick tri-extruded plastic wrap prevents moisture form reaching the foam core which in turn prevents waterlogged covers.

    Rugged Reinforced Stitching
    Adds durability and support to your cover.

    Additional Hot Tub Cover Accessories:

    Cover Lifter
    One person can easily remove and replace your QCA Spas hot tub cover with our Cover Butler or Cover Buddy cover lifter. These cover lifters are easily mounted to the side of your spa and help make cover removal and replacement a breeze.  A hot tub cover lift is especially recommended for larger size spas with large covers.

    Soft Top Flex Foam Cover
    As an added insulator in the winter under your hard top, or as a light cover in warmer /summer climates, this economical soft top floats on top of your spa surface water. Helps to keep the water clean and save energy.