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Spas can be used for a multitude of fun activities. 

Family Fun
family gatherings can also be made more fun with a soak in the hot tub after a barbecue, Sunday brunch or family festivity. Your spa is an extra place to gather and converse while enjoying the health benefits. Tension in the family? The calming spa environment often soothes tensions and temperaments and helps relax.
A QCA Spa brings families together in an enjoyable surrounding, where frantic day-to-day activities can be put on hold and quality family time can begin. The open surround seating of a QCA Spa allows everyone to enjoy hydrotherapeutic massage as they catch up on the day. Youngsters love to play in the whirling waters while teenagers enjoy the social aspects. No matter the age of your children, you owe it to your family to give them a welcome gathering place.


Hot tubs are a great way to spend some quality time together in a romantic atmosphere. Whether you want to break the ice or rekindle a relationship, a relaxing soak in a spa is intimate and enjoyable. Enjoy quiet conversation as you gaze up at the stars. LED Lighting and the built-in stereo system can help create a romantic mood.
Surrounded by summer flowers or winter snow, the cozy feeling of being together in the warm, sensual water will make your hot tub your favorite date night destination.

From après-ski to the Fourth of July, a hot tub is a gathering place for friends to get together. Keep it low key and relaxing or pump up the stereo system and party rock! Invite friends old and new to enjoy your spa – regardless if it is winter, spring, summer or fall. Add on accessories like LED lighting or an Aqua Vision TV/Stereo. For the best in party music, you can't be our Vibra Sound System. Built in speakers and a subwoofer transmit superior sound that you feel right through the water. You even get external patio speakers for the ultimate outdoor entertainment setting.