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Spa & Water Maintenance

Your QCA Spas hot tub quality built for years of trouble free enjoyment.

From the robust WeatherGuard maintenance free cabinet to the highest quality Lucite acrylic spa shell, QCA Spas are made to last.

A few simple steps will help keep your spa operating at peak efficiency. For crystal clear water, simple-to-follow M-W-F Spa Maintenance Program*.

Swim N Spa™ M-W-F Spa Maintenance Program (pdf download link) is an easy to follow water maintenance system for complete spa water care. QCA Spas, Inc. also offers a complete line of spa chemicals–Spa Breeze™.  Keep your hot tub filter clean by rinsing it off periodically with a garden hose. Replace the filter annually for best performance. Wipe the spa cover with a damp cloth. A mild soap solution can be used to clean the vinyl cover, but the cover should be thoroughly rinsed afterwards.

  • Never leave the spa uncovered in the sun when empty
  • Cover the spa when not in use and use the cover latches to securely tie down the cover
  • Keep the water properly balanced using our easy M-W-F water care program
  • If storing the spa outdoors in an empty state in winter, be sure to properly winterize the spa
  • Store chemicals according to the manufacturer's label and keep out of the reach of children.
  • Avoid using soaps, lotions and other items that can degrade the water quality

Swim N Spa™ M-W-F Spa Maintenance Program is intended for residential customers only.

QCA Spas hot tubs install advanced technology into our spas so you don't have to worry. From automatic freeze protection and overheat protection, built-in sensors that monitor hot tub temperature and easy to use controls to certified electronic components made by the leading hot tub electronic component manufacturer: Balboa Water Group, your QCA Spas hot tub is designed for safety and ease of use.

Hot tub chemicals, parts and accessories are in stock and available to help keep your hot tub in top shape.