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We design spas to fit your lifestyle

our home is your favorite place to relax and entertain family and friends. A QCA Spa gives you a reason for staying home. Whether it is a special occasion, an evening with friends, or just the two of you on a starry night, your QCA Spa provides the ambiance for any occasion with it's cascading waterfall, WOW Sound™ stereo system, and underwater LED lighting system. So stay home tonight and create a whole new lifestyle.

Indoors or Outdoors

Many smaller models can fit through standard doors for indoor placement. Some people prefer to build a sunroom or gazebo around their spa. Most homeowners prefer to place their hot tub in their backyard, creating a center point for the outdoor living area.

As more people choose to spend time at home and invest more into creating outdoor living spaces, adding a spa provides elegance and luxury. The natural looking wood cabinets blend with patios and landscapes. Family gatherings, barbecues and parties are enhanced when you have a hot tub for people to hang out, relax and enjoy each other's company. Add on extra accessories including LED lighting, a sound system or Aqua Vision TV/Stereo for the ultimate outdoor relation area.

Easy Installation
Adding an outdoor spa is easier than you might think. You need a stable (cement, paved, stone) area to place the spa and a dedicated electric line. (Except for the plug and play models that include a GFCI cord.) No plumbing is necessary – you can fill your spa with a garden hose.