Patented Features

To maintain maximum water flow, QCA Spas, Inc. selects high flow water pumps based on rate of gallons per minute. When paired with our manifold system, each jet has equal water pressure.

Our Turbo Charge air-induction system supercharges the water with warm air using a silent, 2-horsepower, 3-speed air turbo pump. Turn the controller and watch your spa errupt! Unlike other air blowers on the market, our system is silent and adjustable to ten different levels with the touch of a button. For greater reliability, QCA Spas are equipped with 4 or 5.5 KW energy-efficient, non-pressure switch heaters.



HydroMax™ Seat


The first patented hydrotherapy seat that includes numerous large jets in a configuration for a rejuvenating and relaxing hydro-massage.

WaveMax™ Seat

A patented hydrotherapy seat that includes 20 jets for a revitalizing massage. With the electronic control pad, choose from seven jet patterns at three different speeds, and even pause in the middle of a cycle to adjust the jets to areas that may need extra attention. Additionally, the QCA Spas exclusive air-injection system allows you to turbo charge the jets with forced, warm air for a more powerful massage. This seat will give you a wide range of hydrotherapy­ with four rows of jets, each row with five wave jets that pulsate up and down your back, massaging your aching muscles, while warm water eases away the tension of your day.


Ultra Wave Lounge™

Shoulders, full back, thighs, calves and feet—the 54 jets of the Ultra-Wave Lounge™ provide a pulsating wave massage one or two rows at a time from your neck to your toes and is the most luxurious QCA Spas seat available. Seven function programmable controls provide different massage patterns at three variable speeds over your body. These invigorating streams may be paused at any level to continuously massage one part of your body.

Our air-induction system allows you to turbo charge your massage with forced, warm air.  Choose from 5 levels of hydrotherapy from relaxing to vigorous.  The silent turbo pump can be adjusted to 10 different levels to supercharge the water, which is evenly distributed to all jets over our manifold plumbing system. Enjoy pain and tension relief with strategically placed jets and massage options you control at the touch of a button. Indulge with our patented hydro-therapy seats for a moving massage experience.