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    All QCA Spas can be equipped with the Del Ozone Natural Spa Sanitizing System.

    This system utilizes the lastest ozone technology and injects ozone consisting of three oxygen atoms, directly into the spas plumbing system to kill bacteria in all water lines. The ozone sanitization is completely biodegradable and 100% natural with the only byproduct being oxygen.

    Ozone used in combination with a residual amount of Chorine or Bromine can effectively provide a clean, safe bacteria-free spa and dramatically reduce chemical use. The excess Ozone that rises to the spa water surface is recycled by QCA Spas' built-in ozone recovery system which most spa manufactures do not offer, to maximizes the sanitization in the spa.

    The built in ozonator even comes with a True Ozone indicator light to assure proper functioning of the spa ozonator at all times. Adding the QCA Spas ozone system by Del assures the cleanest, purest water for your spa while also allowing for a reduction in chemicals. Ozone also does its part to eliminate oils, lotions and other contaminants for cleaner spa water.

    Ozonator Performance Features include:

    • Water Back Flow Resistant
    • Low EMI Design
    • Longer Life Than CD Chip
    • Increased Ozone Output Over CD Chip
    • Ozone Cell Indicator Lamp
    • Ozone Management System Option
    • Made From All Ozone Resistant Materials