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Hot Tub Models Lineup

  • Dream Series

    Dream Series

    Thought you couldn’t afford a quality spa? Think again! The Dream series offers the benefits of hydrotherapy on almost any budget. Create a new lifestyle with our Dream Series spas that will maximize the available space - indoors or outdoors.
  • Star Series

    Star Series

    If you are looking for a roomy spa as a family gathering place or to give you varied hydrotherapy seating options, then shoot for the stars! The Star series combines the latest in spa innovation with spacious seating options.
  • Jewel Series

    Jewel Series

    Like jewels, these spas shine when comparing features and value. The Jewel Line offers the widest variety of shell & jet combinations and accomodates 3 to 8 occupants. Whether you are looking for a smaller, romantic spa or a roomy and spacious hot tub – you will love the upgraded features of these Jewels.
  • Performance Series

    Performance Series

    The Performance Spas are ideal for the price conscious consumer and offer most of the advantages of higher end spas at a lower cost. These roomy models fit 6 to 8 occupants and offer many additional features and jets. This series makes an ideal focal point for your backyard landscape; these spas are built to perform.
  • Majestic Series

    Majestic Series

    Surround yourself with luxury and indulge in innovative hydrotherapy with our Majestic series. These grand, technically advanced hot tubs offer a completely immersive spa experience for 5-8 persons. If you are serious about hydrotherapy, then you will appreciate the massage and seating options of the Majestic Series.
  • Paradise Series

    Paradise Series

    The Paradise series spas represent the pinnacle of achievement in hydrotherapy and spa technology, design, and features. No luxury is spared in these models built for 5 to 8 occupants. Experience the ultimate in hydrotherapy with our patented seats & loungers, deluxe features, and the best water massage you could ask for.