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Sound Systems

WOW Sound System

For music on an economical scale, enjoy the WOW sound system from QCA Spas. This system features 2 speakers mounted in the spa cabinet. Crank up your favorite tunes on these high quality waterproof speakers - designed to fit in with your spa experience. Add music to your spa for greater enjoyment. Your spa will be the focal point of your outdoor entertainment area.

VibraSound System

When you add VibraSound to your spa, you don’t just listen to the music – you feel the music! The built- in music system allows you to feel the music through the water as you enjoy your hydro massage. Four VibraSound speakers, a transformer and one subwoofer are build into the spa shell where the sound resonates – using the shell as a speaker.

The sound transmits through the shell and into the water for a complete surround sound experience. This revolutionary sound system for your spa represents state-of-the-art high fidelity audio. Enjoy sound that envelopes the entire spa instead of unevenly distributed sound from individual speakers. Sound is constant throughout the spa – allowing a deep bass and full sound even at a lower volume. 

Since the speakers are built in and not protruding from the top of the shell, the spa cover can fit securely with no bumps or cut-outs. There is no need for a custom cover and no heat loss. Since there are no pop up speakers or moving elements, there is no risk of speakers freezing or accumulating debris in the speaker shaft.

For the total backyard party, two additional patio speakers are included. Entertain guests inside and outside of the spa with your external and internal speaker package.

The patio speakers are mounted on the side of the spa cabinet and can be adjusted separately to control ambient sound. A remote control places control of the music system at your fingertips- inside or outside of the spa!