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Customer Testimonials - 3

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Thank you for the technical support and attention to this matter. We were under the impression that this unit was a quality product. We believed this not having heard of your company, but for no other reason than the vendor we purchased it from is a long standing business in oue community where we do much business. Now heaving dealt with you, Bob, and your company directly over the past couple of weeks and months, to remedy this problem, I know it firsthand to be true. Recently I recommended to my parents, who are in the market for a hot tub to seriously consider your company, both because we love the unit we purchsed and moreover the warranty, and customer service have been outstanding! thanks again!






This is a "thank you" letter. I bought your St. Maarten XL Deep spa on August 10, 1998 at the Iowa State Fair and have been very satisfied with it. It does need some attention occasionally. About 6 months ago, I had to call QCA about a nozzle that leaked and was put in touch with Stan. He was very helpful and made sure that I got the right one for my not-new spa. Last week, when we came home from a vacation, the tub was only 84 degrees - power failure plus? I, again, called Stan and he told me exactly what to check for to be sure that the problem was the heater and nothing else. I called him a few days ago, and, together, we verified that it was only the heater that went bad - as well as getting the correct information needed to get the new one for my not-new tub. He was very patient and understanding. I work with electricity and plumbing, but still needed his invaluable guidance. I am also in sales (engineering) and parts sales, etc. and can all the more appreciate what a treasure you have in him. Please extend to him my heartfelt thanks.


Ray Berglund




...Being a somewhat cynical American who is used to the current state of "customer service" in almost ALL areas of American retail I was not about to hold my breath... when shock of the century, Pat returns my call within 24 hours. We did play phone tag for another day or so, but that was no one's fault. Once I got Pat what he needed, I had a replacement part in my hands within another 24 hours. Be still my heart! Customer service is alive and well. Who would have known? Thank you for renewing my hope, and for being just odd enough to do what you said you would do. What a novel approach!Hats off to the Bob and Pat team.I will sing your praises with no other provocation than your great product (there are still some of those out there)and your superior service (not sure where you can go for that.. . except QCA Spas, of course). Again... thank you for the shock!


...a product is only as good as those who stand behind it; unfortunately, whether they do, or will, is something often discovered too late. I am please to give this report based on my recent experience with the"service" end of the business: WOW. It is nice to be able to say to those I know...Buy it...you will never be sorry you did...not even when you need service...and in this day, that's a mouth full...