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Build A Spa

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  1. QCA Spas Orion

    Redefine tranquility with the Orion spa. Built to balance quality with affordability, this spa gives you a hot tub that is spacious without the expense, including a relaxing lounger seat, cascading waterfall, and light. If you are looking for a simple, quick, and easy to use spa, QCA’s “Plug ‘N’ Play” spas are the perfect solution. Just plug these spas into any 120 volt/15 amp outlet, fill with a garden hose, and enjoy. This spa utilizes an Econo-Boost heat recovery system that sends heat generated by the pump and motor to assist in warming the spa. QCA Spas hot tubs are manufactured to use as little energy as possible; far exceeding the California Energy Compliance mandate. This hot tub has one quiet operating, 1 HP pump with 30 jets. This durable spa shell is textured for a comfortable feel and slip resistance, and comes in a glacier white color that fits into any Decor. The panels are reversible; if one side gets scratched or scuffed over time, simply remove the panel, flip it to the other side, and re-place it in the cabinet. Learn More
  2. QCA Spas Star Gazer

    Although this spa fits comfortably indoors, it is named the Star Gazer for a reason. You can invite up to 5 family and friends to enjoy the soothing warm waters and hydro massage as they gaze at the stars in your backyard spa! Despite its roominess, this is still a plug and play spa requiring no special installation. You will love the indigo blue colored Lucite shell, the 2 tone graphic gray jets and redwood PVC maintenance free cabinet. Control the hi-flow, 2 speed pump from the electronic controls to give you a light or more invigorating massage. The innovative heat recovery system built into every Dream spa helps reduce heating costs and save energy.

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  3. QCA Spas Venus

    The Venus is a spa fit for a goddess – with contoured lounger, multi-level seating, powerful performance and timeless design. Enjoy the healing properties of the warm, soothing waters of your spa in the company of friends or peacefully alone. Roomy enough for 6, this spa provides molded design, invigorating massage and great value. Available in Silver Marble or Blue Denim, the Venus is very stylish with 30 massage jets and Weather-Guard™ redwood maintenance freecabinet.. The insulated cover preserves heat loss and can be locked for safety. Complete with drink holders, inner steps and a sleek design that gives this spa a high end luxury feel, the Venus is one of the most popular sized lounger model spas. Let go of everyday stress and just feel good as you soak in your soothing Venus hot tub. Learn More
  4. QCA Spas Amethyst Plus

    The Amethyst Plus is an efficient lounger spa that features 30 precisely placed jets. This spa is compact - yet feels very spacious. Increase the romantic ambiance by adding an optional LED lighting system or a WOW Sound stereo system - for the perfect place to relax and unwind. Come home to the spa of your dreams with the Amethyst Plus and experience aquatic therapy at its best! The 2 HP Air Blower has 1 speed and adds a classy champagne-like bubble effect to the spa, so you can relax in style.

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  5. QCA Spas Day Dreamer

    You will think you are dreaming with this spa large enough for a party with an affordable price! This roomy Day Dreamer spa can fit the whole family for some quality soak time. Relax in the roomy lounger or the specially formed comfort seats. This spa is big on hydrotherapy with 40 massage jets and a 4 MBHP Hi-Flow pump. Let the feeling of heat, massage and buoyancy help you relax and unwind in this spacious oasis. Enjoy a complete body massage with the pulsating swirl jets and directional Euro jets to main acupressure points. The top quality shell is made with Lucite Acrylic featuring Microban protection to reduce bacteria and germs. Designed for comfort and space, the Day Dreamer features multi-level level seating, walk-in steps and a large foot-well. Whether alone or with friends - QCA spas just feel better. Learn More
  6. QCA Spas Cozumel Plus

    The Cozumel plus offers a unique design and seating options. Perfect for a family of 5 or less, this elegant spa offers a lounger, an incline massage seat and a comfortable bench to sit 3 - or to spread out on. The 2 speed pump and manifold system delivers aquatic therapy evenly with 42 jets. Relax and enjoy the cascading waterfall. Add on the optional LED lighting system, and a WOW Sound or VibraSound stereo to create the favourite meeting place for family and friends. Learn More
  7. QCA Spas Dream Weaver

    The Dream Weaver 7 person hot tub by QCA Spas features 53 jets operated by 2 hi flow jet pumps. Includes a wrap-around lounger and LED lighting! When you buy a hot tub from QCA, you can feel confident knowing your spa is backed by one of the most trusted U.S. spa manufacturers with over 45 years of experience. This full hydrotherapy hot tub features advanced jets which target pressure points to ease tension and pain. Let buoyancy and heat help loosen tight muscles and soothe away stress. Unwind with family and friends - the Dream Weaver seats up to 7 people and is powered by 2 independent hi-flow jet pumps for a more invigorating massage. You will love the innovative features and eye catching design of the Dream Weaver- including the wrap around lounger. Learn More
  8. QCA Spas Tranquility

    Tranquility hot tub by QCA Spas is hydrotherapy lounger with room enough for 7. With 60 precisely place jets, including the turbo massage and neck/shoulder jets, you can experience a different hydro massage every day of the week! Enjoy the simple pleasure of soaking in your own spa any time you want to. Feel the tranquility that comes with stress and pain relief in the wrap around lounger seat. Learn More
  9. QCA Spas Ruby+2

    The Ruby+2 is an elegant lounger spa that features 53 precisely placed jets, including adjustable neck and shoulder jets and a cascading waterfall. The Ruby+2 is a step up from the Ruby+ with a 5.2 MBHP pump instead of a 4.2 MBHP. Customize your spa with a LED lighting system, and either a WOW Sound or VibraSound stereo system to maximize this spas potential. Come home to the spa of your dreams with the Ruby+2 and experience aquatic therapy at it's best. Learn More
  10. QCA Spas GT 350

    The GT350 offers the best of all words with a contoured lounger to enjoy by yourself, and seating for up to 7 to share with friends and family. With 54 jets, including neck, shoulder and turbo jets you are sure to experience a powerful, pain relieving massage. Add on your very own LED lighting system as well as either a WOW Sound or Vibra Sound system, since you will want to spend lots of time in this performance model spa. Learn More
  11. QCA Spas Marcelle

    Discover your own lost paradise with the Marcelle hot tub by QCA Spas. The 6 contoured seats have 45 powerful stainless steel jets and two 4.2 BT HP (2.5 Continuous Duty) Hi-flow energy pumps. These attractive jets are arranged to produce a beneficial, soothing massage. Energy efficiency is a priority to ensure that owning a hot tub will be an economical solution. This spa utilizes an Econo-Boost heat recovery system that sends heat generated by the pump and motor to assist in warming the spa. The spa shell is manufactured with Lucite-Xtra Acrylic and a 3 layer strengthening process called Dura-Bond. The cabinet is constructed of synthetic wood panels that requires no maintenance. The panels are reversible; if one side gets damaged over time, flip it to the other side, and re-place it in the cabinet. This hot tub includes the patented Dura Frame galvanized steel frame support system, providing significant durability. Learn More
  12. QCA Spas GT 327

    Indulge every night with the stretch lounger in the GT327 hot tub. With room for 6, everyone can enjoy the great massage options, the 45 precisely placed jets, over-water neck and shoulder jets and powerful 4 HP pumps. Add to the relaxing waterfall by customizing your spa with LED lighting. Customize further by adding a WOW Sound or Vibra Sound system to crank up the tunes or play soothing sounds for soaking. Learn More
  13. QCA Spas GT 440

    Entertainer's Delight! This 7 Person hot tub has a unique raised back to showcase the custom waterfall feature. Bathe in tranquility in this spacious spa or throw a party with great sound pumping through pop-up stereo speakers and LED ambience lighting! The spa features 4 contoured bucket seats, a wrap around lounger and 56 typhoon jets. Featuring the energy saving and technologically advanced features that come with QCA signature spas, this model was designed with entertainment in mind. This spa has lots of options including LED mood lighting, a Wow Sound stereo system with Ipod connection and 2 pop up speakers. A lockable, insulated hard cover and 2 pop up fountains are included with this spa. Its unique one-of-a-kind waterfall feature wall rises 41 1/2" above the ground, providing you with a true sense of privacy and immersion. This hot tub is destined to be the life of the party! Learn More
  14. QCA Spas GT 454

    Get a great party spa in the Performance GT454. Host a party for 1-6 with a stretch lounger and ergonomic seats –each with different massage options. 2 powerful pumps can be controlled with the LED controls for massage options at slow or turbo speed through 61 precisely placed jets. Enjoy the waterfall, maintenance-free cabinet and over-water neck jets. Customize your spa by adding on an LED lighting system and a WOW Sound or Vibra Sound system. Learn More
  15. QCA Spas Coral +3

    QCA Spas Coral +3 hot tub features a deluxe lounger, 2 2-speed jet pumps, 71 jets and a host of deluxe features including a turbo air system, ozonator and LED lighting. The Jewel Series offers beautiful design, advanced technology, and quality components at a great price. With the Coral plus 3 spa, you can choose your level of hydrotherapy – from soothing to invigorating. 71 jets are strategically placed to target pressure points in the body and relieve pain and tension. The spa features a 14 nozzle turbo massage jet, ergonomic bucket seats, and over-water neck and shoulder jets.  The shell is virtually indestructible with our 4 layer Dura-Bond strengthening process. The maintenance-free spa cabinet provides strong support and a thermal insulation barrier. The reversible panels won’t fade, rot, or splinter – they keep their beautiful redwood appearance in all climates.

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